Tuesday, August 22, 2017


First day of soccer. He had a two hour soccer camp in the sweltering heat.  I got my car stuck in the mud trying to park it; luckily my friends were there to help me out.  It was so awesome watching him practice.  He is really good for never playing before.  In fact afterwards one of the coached told me how impressed he was with his skills and was also surprised he had never played before. He will have 1 practice a week and games every Saturday until mid October with a tournament at the end.  I was so proud of him for working hard, not giving up and not caving into the heat.  He was exhausted by the end.  Little Brother was also such a trooper, waiting around and watching big brother! So proud of him as well! 

I may just become a soccer mom! This is how all of our Saturdays are going to look for the next month: unmade bed, nasty, nappy hair, and mosquito bites galore. 

Living up to his name :).  SO many people there kept saying "cool name!" 

He told me his favorite coach was the tall kid with orange hair.  He is hoping he becomes his coach! 

I LOVE THIS cute little soccer Messi jersey and shorts I found online for him! He looks so stinking cute! 

His first soccer practice.  He has a pretty good team.  They decided on a team name: the Leopards. He loved it! And Amari did such a good job watching! He has practice every Thursday at 5:30 and games every Saturday starting on the 9th through October. 

Celebrating his first practice

Solar Eclipse + Parks + New Hair Color + Rainy Day

There hasn't been a solar eclipse since 1918.  I felt bad that it was such a buys week getting ready to head to the beach that I didn't get glasses for the boys.  But we watched it live on the iPad and we went outside when it started to look like dusk.  It was pretty rad! The next one will happen when Becks in 13 years old! 

He is loving these learn how to draw books I found at the library. This one was on Egypt!

Still going strong with my 30 days of clean eating: no sugars, minimal carbs, more healthy fats! 

Always with a monster truck in tow!

I officially transformed my own hair.  I was terrified but it turned out so good! It is nice to be a lighter brown. 

Summer fun with friends!

All it took was me complaining that I didn't have a girl :)

We had the whole pool to ourselves thanks for Homeschooling :)

Ross Bridge Train park.  They decided to throw mud balls at each other :)

This little guy just started crawling up my leg. 

Dirty, Dirty boys

So fun that he found this at the park! What a fun game

Just "singing in the rain!" 

First time cracking open a coconut :)

I felt so bad for this little guy, he had such a bad tummy ache :(

He talks about Jaxon at least bi-weekly