Monday, March 19, 2018

St. Paddy's

Who knew St Paddy’s Day was so big in Bham?? So proud to be celebrating my Irish heritage with loads of other Alabamians. This was a legit celebration and such fantastic live music!

Luck of the Irish Breakfast for the littles :)

Our Traditional St. Paddy's Meal 

Amari loves getting his face painted like a tiger :)

making slime; the kids loved it 

Hoover Library St. Paddy's Celebration

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Downtown Bham Event

Downtown Bham Event

I pretty much schooled Mike at cornhole 

I love the things he builds with legos

Ni Loves Popcorn

Whenever we make popcorn Ni comes RUNNING. I have never seen a cat so obsessed with popcorn :) I don't blame him

Atlanta Trip: Sky View, Circus

Atlanta adventures (I’m making fun of my kid obsessed you tubers “hey so today I’m making a video”—they say that to me at least 3x a day)😂. I have planned a bunch of little getaways like this for 2018. We love to travel as much as possible, even if it’s just for a few days. First stop: sky view....Amari was terrified, he just watned to get off the dang thing :).  Then we hit up Centinnial Park and the kids got wet trying to run through the rings before the water shot up out of the ground.  The best part for them is always the hotel.  They love staying at a hotel ðŸ˜¬ðŸ˜¬#atlantabound #moncursbetrippin#moncurfab4adventures #atlanta

Day 2: starting it off right with some greens ðŸ“🍓🥒🥦 #atlanta #smoothies#moncursbetrippin #moncurfab4adventures

We are having so much fun here 

“Ladies and gents this is the moment you’ve waited for....” SURPRISE! “We’re going to the CIRCUS!” #underthebigtop #universoulcircus#atlantabound #thegreatestshow #moncursbetrippin#moncurfab4adventures

I took Beckahm to Barnum and Bailey’s circus before they shut down so I was apprehensive about how this one would compare but I have to say I liked it a little better. I loved feeling the unity of all of these great cultures under one big top, I loved how personal it felt and how involved the crowd was, I loved the oath they made the kids pledge at the end: no matter our country of origin, no matter our skin color, no matter our background, we are all ONE! #underthebigtop #universoulcircus #equality #unity #love#atlantabound #thegreatestshow #moncursbetrippin#moncurfab4adventures

The kids loved every minute of it!

Just adding it to his resume ðŸ¤© (SCP aka star circus performer )..... I basically learn something new about my husband, at random, about every 3 years or so—it’s just become a thang. Well today I learned that he was born to be in the circus, or was he? (I told the kids that he was really a circus performer when he got picked at random to come on stage; they pretty much believed me ðŸ˜). I honestly didn’t think he’d get up there, but he surprised me once again...And his dance moves surprised me