Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beckahm Loses His First TOOTH!

MILESTONE! This little one's bottom tooth is loose :)

His letter from the tooth fairy :)

Amanda Turns 37!

There is a time and a season for everything...
Before my second child it was beach body babe season
Now it's cellulite and varicose veins season ðŸ˜‚
15 years ago it was stay up late and go dancing, now it's I can barely keep my eyes open past 10pm season ðŸ’ƒðŸ¼
5 years ago It was never leave the house without makeup and smelling pretty, now it's "did I even take a shower today" season ðŸ¤·ðŸ¼‍♀️
I'm okay with the changing seasons of my life because ONE thing keeps getting better and better with age: Caring less what other people think and loving and accepting every single bit of the inner and outer most parts of you--the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.
Goodbye 36! Here's to a new year of living, laughing, and loving every season of life. 

The older I get the more I realize birthdays should really be about celebrating and honoring the person who sacrificed so much to give you life. How grateful I am for a mother who brought me into this world 32 years ago; a mother who sacrificed so much that I might live the life I have lived. I love you so much Sharry Eastman! How grateful I am for all of my success and failures, for they have made me into the woman I am today. How grateful I am for the Lord, who steered me on paths unknown where I found happiness I could have never found had he let me walk the path of MY OWN intentions. How grateful I am to be alive, to be healthy, to live in this beautiful, free, and blessed land—America. How grateful I am for new tomorrows—for the opportunity to improve one day at a time . . .how grateful I am for a family of my own that loves me endlessly despite my flaws and continual failures; that remind me that I'm enough and inspire and encourage me follow my North Star. 
Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! It's been an awesome day of reflection, love, recommitment, and strengthening of body, mind, and spirit. Cheers to 37! 

My birthday couldn't get any better: the boys woke me up singing me Happy Birthday (made my morning), I got showered with love and gifts.  Mike got me a cryotherapy session (totally amazing) and a massage and then I went on a nature walk, made some new goals for the year, read at Barnes and Noble, then dinner out with my man and I did something crazy: I got my first tattoo :).  I will explain the meaning behind it below.

Becks and Amari picked out these gifts: so fitting :)

Amari loves LOVE

we have always taught Becks to never give up

Such a fantastic book my mom sent me! 

Love being free and listening to my favorite band! 

Hydration after a massage 

nature walk through Aldridge gardens 

relaxing massage

Daddy took them out and they had a blast, obviously! 

This is what happens when I go grocery shopping the night before my bday: I buy my own cake

Dinner at LobDog 

Why I got a Tattoo and this particular one at 37:

Sometimes we want to live out our dreams through our kids—unknowingly molding them into being who we want them to be, to have interests in things we find interesting, and to make choices we feel are the best choices for them to make. But that defeats the very purpose of our mortality—each of us here raised our hands to the law of free agency. God believed so much in our ability to tap into the divinity within us and ultimately make the right choices. Some times those choices are made by venturing down paths different and unique from our own. Sometimes they are made by first coming out of the ugly, the twisted, the darkness, the unknown....

My purpose as a mother is to love these little souls (that are simply on loan to me) unconditionally, to teach them to reach for the stars—flying whatever path it takes for them to get there.  These birds represent so much more than ink on a wrist, they represent life and exhilarating freedom. They remind me to continually push my boys out of the nest of their own comfort zones and to continuously LET them BE FREE! 

Fathers Day

There isn't a day that goes by that they don't talk about you and miss you; they absolutely adore you!
Thank you for being someone they can count on, a dad they can confide in, someone that spends quality time with them—wrestling, playing with them, teaching them, making them laugh. Thank you for instilling within them a belief that they are good enough just the way they are, that they are powerful beyond what their young little minds can presently understand, and that they are forever and always unconditional loved. 
Happy Fathers Day! 

Sweet rolls, caramelized bacon, gifts, hugs, snuggles, laughs, naps, songs, wrestling, roast beef dinner and a massage...what more could a dad ask for ðŸ¤— #fathersday #weateandatesomemore

the boys wanted to buy a shaving kit so Mike could teach them how to shave :)

Yummy chocolate banana pudding pie

ending the night with some wrestling!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More Summer Fun!

We Loved this movie and this song, Glorious!


Yummy Protein Dinner

Such a sweet boy, came into our room one Saturday morning and made us breakfast after he had made his brother breakfast :); melted my heart.

Science museum fun 

Last day of school treat :)

Aldridge Gardens

Visiting the Fairy's 

Summer has come! 

Park with Friends 

Love this kiddo even though he gives me a run for my money like spreading poop all over his room during nap time :(

Mike took the boys to Bass Pro and Amari stuck his finger under a boat and sliced it open.  I met them at Urgent Care where they were going to give him stiches till they learned that he wasn't vaccinated (eye roll) so they wanted to send us to the ER.  We thought about it and decided to to see it we could bandage it up and if it would heal on its own.  Mike gave him a blessing and seriously the biggest miracle occurred the next morning when it was already looking better/growing back together. The power of the priesthood!! 

Memorial Day! 

The Lego Movie for Memorial Day 

My fav breakfast: oatmeal with egg whites, frozen raspberries and a little brown sugar. 

Celebrating the last week of school with Popscicles (Urban Pop)

Gum in the hair don't care bzzzzz

This is what happens when you get bit by a bug on steriods (only in Alabama)

Chasing trains

This interview melted my heart! 

Love it when I get to nap with this one! 

Got him waking up :)

Rainy, movie day

I put Amari to bed and I am in Becks room putting him to bed.  I go back in to check on Amari who is passed out with chocolate on his face.  I follow the trail back into the kitchen where I find his dirty work: a pair of scizzors, and a cut up back of Oreo thins (you seriously have to hide all of the sugar in this house from this one).  Props to him for being determined :)

Beckahm gets his BLACK BELT! So very proud of him! 

By far the coolest thing I've done with the boys on a Saturday I didn't know about this gem of a place for 3 years bewilders me. It is by far one of the coolest places in bham--the decor alone is RAD. The boys and I could have stayed there all day; they were in heaven. On the weekend they have a sugar cereal breakfast bar—all you can eat—while watching 80s comics (genius idea). Breakfast donations go to charities in need and all of the cereal boxes are recycled. I love how chill this place was; it was conducive to young and old alike (I loved seeing families come in to play board games while eating donuts, college room mates grabbing a bowl of cereal and sitting down to play video games). 

After dining on Cookie Crisp, Captain Crunch, Honeycomb, Golden Grahams, and Apple Jacks, I introduced Beckahm to the REAL Nintendo Super Mario Brothers (it was like riding a bike and man was he impressed with his moms gaming skills :). We played Pac Man and pinball classics and then finished with a game of Checkers and Uno. Such a fantastic way to start the weekend! 

I have a feeling more Saturday's will be spent at Saturn. 

#iloveteachingmykidshistory #bham #civilrights #mlk 

By far one of the coolest things we have done in this city: City Hunt.  It took us through the city on a scavenger hunt and taught us about some incredible prominent spots in History (all in our backyard—I had no idea).  This was supposed to be used as a date night for Mike and I but I am so glad we ended up taking the kids.  They learned so much about this rich heritage they live in. 

First and oldest barber shop in the city 

Martin Luther King

The four little girls who lost their lives in the bombing at the Baptist Church. 

We tried out this new restaurant hall after our walk.  Becks loved the Chinese noodle soup. 

Making Fruit Loop Necklaces and playing in the rain

Meal Prep: 

Fun at the Library: the juggle man! 

The. newest biggest thing: The Fidget Spinner

Found these awesome vids on my phone, I about died laughing (thank you Snapchat)